Document approvals
made easy.

Say goodbye to endless email threads and bike messengers – and hello to DocuVote™.

One place for all of your documents with an easy to use voting system to approve edits and get your documents delivered quicker.

Enhance my approval process

How it Works

DocuVote™ is an online document approval system that will take your business to the next level by improving efficiency and organizing your documents in a single, easy to use interface.

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    Notifications, discussions, revisions and view/read receipts will enhance the way that you and your team work and keep you up to date – without having to read a thousand emails.

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    Less Work,
    Less Stress

    With the ability to automate document actions such as deadline reminders and actions upon final approval, you can relax knowing that your document is finalized and sent to its destination as soon as as it has been approved. No more waiting for "you know who" to send that document!

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    DocuVote allows you and your organization to review, edit and vote on documents from anywhere with an internet connection. With cloud access to historical versions of documents, you and your team can reference changes and approvals over time.

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    With our advanced packages, you can take advantage of special features such as secure digital signing, document review, meeting scheduling and automated approval processes and actions. We can even customize the functionality to fit your specific needs.


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    No more back and forth sending documents via email.

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    Get feedback and changes in real time.

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    Intuitive interface saves time searching for document changes.

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    One interface for all your approvals.

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    Accelerate your business processes.

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    Automated post-approval actions.

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How Can DocuVote Help?


David is putting together a property listing brochure for one of his residential real estate clients.

With DocuVote™, David’s team is able to draft the details of the brochure and notify him when it’s ready for review. When David receives a notification that the document is ready to review, he can easily tell his team what needs to be changed and what is approved in the DocutVote interface.

With the ability to view documents from anywhere with an internet connection, David can quickly view the property listing brochure drafted by his team when he has spare time between appointments. What once would have had to wait until he was back in the office was quickly taken care of in the minutes between his appointments. David has saved time for himself and his team with the streamlined processes that DocuVote™ provides.


The Youth Sporting Association is putting together its monthly newsletter for parents and donors.

With different sections of the newsletter completed by several team members, the team once had to spend weeks sending around updated versions of the newsletter as new sections were added. Now the team can easily view and edit the newsletter in DocuVote so everyone knows they are working on the correct document.

The team at Youth Sporting Association have saved time and become more organized by editing and reviewing their monthly newsletters in DocuVote. With changes available in real time and the ability to assign document actions to individuals, everyone in the team knows exactly what needs to be done by viewing one central document. It has saved them time and streamlined their monthly newsletter process.


Blue Chip Consulting, a finance management consulting firm, has a lengthy client report that the whole team is working on.

Instead of having a thread of several emails between the team and risking different working versions of the report, the team edited the document in DocuVote. By having the team’s edits in one place, everyone was able to approve and add their feedback to get the document finalised quickly. Once final approval was given on the report, a team member was assigned the task of sending it to the client.

DocuVote saved time for Blue Chip Consulting by providing one place for edits to be suggested and approved for a lengthy client report drafted by a team of consultants. By assigning one person the task of sending the document upon final approval, the team were clear on their responsibilities and the process of finalizing the document was streamlined, resulting in a quicker turnaround on the report. This saved time for Blue Chip Consulting and exceeded their client’s expectations.

Property Management

Lisa has several residential tenancy contracts to draft and send to her landlords and new tenants by the end of the day.

She sends the details of the contracts to her assistant for drafting and uploading to DocuVote. When Lisa receives a notification that the contracts are ready to review, she can easily review and edit the documents while she is on the go away from the office. Lisa provides final approval of the contracts and notifies her assistant to send them to the respective landlords and tenants.

Lisa once would have had to be physically in the office to draft, edit and send these documents to landlords and tenants but with DocuVote, her team was able to easily draft and notify Lisa when the document was ready. Having the ability to approve and edit documents on the go allowed Lisa to get the contracts finalized and sent by a team member without sorting through several emails. DocuVote has saved Lisa and her team time and allowed Lisa to get documents finalized from anywhere.